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You felt it. Deep inside you want it. It’s impossible to deny. Still, yet another day passed by and you didn’t want to listen. Now, it’s time. Reveal the „beast inside“ and release the „creative warrior“ that you are. 9-to–5 day in, day out. No way. 24/7? Now, we’re talking!

stolenvoice tv is a voice actor’s documentary paired with business advice for creative actors and self-directors like you, with new episodes every Friday.

Smoothen your business so it becomes an asset, not a burden, with actionable tips, real-life anecdotes and psychological bridge-builders on mindset, marketing, workflow, professionalism, and more. A seamless business requires a focused mind. If your mind has direction you know where to apply your energy to. That’s why mind-building is a key aspect Alexander Kluge tries to hammer home in each episode.

stolenvoice tv is a weekly video show for people working hard every day but not seeing results despite their effort. By thinking out loud and sharing real struggles, failures and wins, Alexander aims for clarity and epiphanies to make your actor’s life less of a pain without being rosy about it.

Eat the dust and release the shine.

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