12: Sabbatical

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It was my fourth one-week sabbatical this year. In a sabbatical I’m usually slowing things down, reducing or completely avoiding social media time and spend time on projects I also care about. This week was dedicated to working on my book #soycubano. Bad news is, I never actually worked on it this week :(

In addition to that, I spent the week at my brother’s house in the North of Berlin where I took care of a little zoo (dog, cat, 7 ducks) - a bit like the „Town Musicians of Bremen“ (Bremer Stadtmusikanten), I was probably the donkey ;)

Here’s my hands-on review as a worker and a CEO of stolenvoice.




What I said I would complete but didn’t

What I didn’t mention I would complete but did complete


Working on

I’ll also be working on:

New weaknesses I discovered this week

New discovery of a weaknesses/challenges:

Here are the weakness I discovered before:

Done next time

Although initially I only wanted to talk about voiceover stuff in this documentation, I’ll expand to things I’m things I’m also working on. Otherwise it could look as if I didn’t do anything at all.

This will be done next time „we talk“:

CEO (Hank Kock, or short Hank)

Alexander defined 10 things to do for this week. He completed 6 and failed to complete 4. Compared to the weeks before this is a pretty good performance - also considering that he was in his sabbatical and that he had to take care of 9 animals.

I want to add that in this list of 10 things Alexander mentioned his day job and enjoying the sabbatical. These are things he did but they were also no-brainers. They shouldn’t be part of the todo list but I understand that he took the liberty to add them as todo items - to have some easier items to get done.

In the sabbatical, I also talked with Alexander and we both agreed on slowing down our business efforts in order to be less stressed. I'll keep working as a CEO of stolenvoice and Alexander will still be my worker but I’ll be less rigid about him in terms of business goals and such stuff. Turtle 🐢 mode so to say. Coming from a place of calm I believe Alexander and I will be accomplish more.

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