16: Sales, worker, CEO - business trifecta (and a secret 4th element)

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In this last week before my 4-week research trip tp Madagascar 🇲🇬 I’m introducing the 3rd character to my weekly wrap-up. Starting today, I’m entering three roles in the show: the worker (Frank), CEO (Hank) and Head of Sales (Jimmy).

I’m also intruding a new name to the worker, he’s now called Frank, and I’m explicating calling myself now the observer or moderator of the show (just me Alex) talking before and after all 3 characters have spoken.

The moderator is an important element and you don’t always him. He or she is the calm person with the overview, almost like an external consultant that still understand the business you’re running (a Yoda if you will, like a gray eminence). This is the 4th element that you want to have in your circles.

1/4 Worker: Frank


Worked on (but incomplete)

Didn’t work on


Voiceover weaknesses

New discoveries this week:

Weakness I discovered before:

Weakness I worked on this week:

Weakness I fixed this week:

Done next time

2/4 CEO: Hank

How did business go?

Frank had only 10/10 productivity scores. That’s awesome. Frank made progress with the demo reel which is awesome as well, only 4 recordings are missing.

Frank’s routine didn’t really work. He got up arbitrarily and didn’t stick to the rich day rhythm. It’s even more astonishing that he still achieved 10/10 scores. I’m impressed

Review of worker Frank:

This was Frank’s best performance in 2018. Bravo. The business can surely be on hold for those 4 weeks.

3/4 Head of Sales: Jimmy

How did sales go?

No sales

4/4 Last words of the observer: Alex (me)

What did you (as the gray eminence) get out of this week? What was remarkable?

Frank’s 10/10 productivity scores from Monday to Friday

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