20: Laser focus!

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My voiceover journey started 289 days ago

It was my birthday week and I was productive AF! I didn’t super much stick to my routine (I usually was 2-3 hours behind) but I most of the things done on a day.

Also, the #90daysoflaserfocus challenge and checking emails and social media only twice a day (max. 30 minutes) made me more productive, calmer and generally more relaxed.

Here’s how Frank, Hank, Jimmy and I saw the past 7 days!

1/4 Worker: Frank




  1. ✅ found a solution for script 4 and the continuation of the production of the commercial demo reel - good conversation with my voiceover feedback peer

  2. 👷‍♂️❌ 1 light AVV for German client

  3. 👷‍♂️❌ 1 AVR for English-speaking potential client

  4. ✅ daily stolenvoiceIGTV show

  5. ✅ daily day job work

  6. ✅ daily #90daysoflaserfocus publications

  7. ✅⚠️ soycubano work on day 22 to 26 - will work on day 26 today!

  8. ✅⚠️ stolenvoice tv ep. 20 - will publish today!

  9. ❌ finish quickvoiceover.delivery landing page

  10. ❌ stolenvoice newsletter

  11. ❌ stolenvoice draft of lead magnet for newsletter

  12. ❌ salesmanship.io draft of copy for landing page

  13. ✅ worked a bit on my bro’s + wife’s wedding material

What I worked on (7x) but didn’t mention last week:

  1. ✅ published visuals for Instagram
  2. ✅ application as speaker at narando.com
  3. ✅ commercial reel: wrote/edited scripts 4, 6
  4. ✅ commercial reel: new recordings for script 4 and 6-10
  5. ✅ listened to Hobsons commercial reels (page 1-4)
  6. 👷‍♂️❌ transcription of a („10 secrets to achieve financial success“)
  7. ✅ wrote the 6- and 60-second pitch for my premium voiceover brand stolenvoice

Working on

Working on continuing what I’ve been doing because it’s been serving me well.


No struggles

Voiceover weaknesses

New discoveries this week:

Weaknesses I discovered before:

Done next time

2/4 CEO: Hank

How did business go?

Review of worker Frank’s performance

3/4 Head of Sales: Jimmy

How did sales go?

4/4 Last words: Alex (me)

What I learned and was remarkable

Links I mentioned in the video

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