21: A leap of faith

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Man, what a week! Got a lot done but also neglected to work on many things. It was a rich week so far because it felt enriching in terms of what I accomplished and how fulfilled I’ve been feeling.

Prepare for a longer video. Especially the topic of being a „digital voice nomad“ and approaching my day with more ease, margin and range - also with time for philosophy - made this an important part of my journey. I’m still unsure whether I want to go travel and work but I think I’ll just take a leap of faith and do it, something tells me it’s the right thing for me to do.

But that’s only my perspective. Let’s see what Frank (worker), Hank (CEO) and Jimmy (Head of Sales) want to say about the past days.

1/4 Worker: Frank




  1. ✅ daily day job
  2. ✅ daily #90daysoflaserfocus
  3. ✅ daily #stoleneoiveIGTV
  4. ✅ salesmanship.io: landing page copy (draft) - there wasn’t actually so much to do in terms of copy which is why I started working on the code (html, css, js)
  5. ✅⚠️ stolenvoice tv ep. 21 - will publish today
  6. 👷‍♂️❌ quickvoiceover.delivery: css for contact form - I worked on the css styles and copy but the form doesn’t work yet!
  7. ❌❌ soycubano last day in Cuba, 3 days Austin and return to Berlin
  8. ❌❌ script 4 (script and recording)
  9. ❌❌ script 5 (script and recording)
  10. ❌❌ A/V story for se ka: a great recording (German)
  11. ❌❌ A/V story for betahaus: a great recording (English)
  12. ❌❌ stolenvoice: newsletter setup
  13. ❌❌ stolenvoice: newsletter lead magnet
  14. ❌❌ progress with transcription of a „10 secrets to achieve financial success“
  15. ❌❌ progress with bro’s + wife’s wedding material

What I worked on (5x) but didn’t mention last week:

  1. ✅ re-did course „How to Voice Commercials“ (as a refresher)
  2. ✅ re-did course „Create Amazing Demo Reels“ (refresher)
  3. ✅ published visuals for Instagram
  4. ✅ worked on the 10-minute elevator pitch for my premium voiceover brand stolenvoice - and realized that I’ll need to practice with someone so I can make tailor-made presentation, not a 10-minute monologue
  5. ✅ listened to Hobsons commercial reels (page 5-18)

What I wanted to work on in case I „nothing left“ to do but but didn’t mention last week:

Working on

I’m still working on my commercial demo reel. This week I didn’t directly work on it but indirectly by listening to Hobsons Int’l commercial reels and the re-doing of the two courses on demo reels and voicing commercial.


The permanent struggle of balancing work vs. leisure vs. social, and the realization that my current ideal schedule (as explained in episode 17) is not working anymore. I’ll redo it any create an ideal day that works with margins and range instead of fixed times. It’s more organic and allows more humanness/„accidents“ ;)

Voiceover weaknesses

No new discoveries this week since I didn’t practice much but I only found out again that I have an issue to pronounce „digital“ well sometimes.

Weaknesses I discovered before:

Done next time

These actions I’ll putting on the back burner for now

2/4 CEO: Hank

How did business go?

Review of worker Frank’s performance

3/4 Head of Sales: Jimmy

How did sales go?

4/4 Last words of the observer: Alex (me)

What did you (as the gray eminence) get out of this week? What was remarkable?

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