23: Celebrating milestones

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My voiceover journey started 310 days ago

100 episodes of stolenvoiceIGTV! Who would have thought that?! :) Well, I do. But who else? This is my little celebration episode. I’m not literally celebrating but mentioning this milestone but trust me inside my head I’m celebrating AF!

Listen to what Frank, Hank, Jimmy and yours truly have to say about the week after the 6th sabbatical of 2018.

1/4 Worker: Frank



This week’s focus was to make progress with my commercial demo reel and that happened every day of the week so far.


  1. ✅ daily day job - worked quite long hours this week
  2. ✅ daily 90daysoflaserfocus
  3. ✅ daily stolenvoiceIGTV
  4. ✅⚠️ stolenvoice tv ep. 23
  5. ✅ progress w/ commercial demo reel - the fact that I made porgies with the reel makes it „complete“, the reel itself is not complete (yet)
  6. 👷‍♂️❌ progress w/ bro’s + wife’s wedding material
  7. ❌❌ progress w/ voiceoversdream.com
  8. ❌❌ progress w/ freewritecamp.org
  9. ❌❌ freewritecamp.org: set up mailchimp newsletter („5 links that are worth your time“ - inspired by Quincy Larsons’s freeCodeCamp newsletter)

What I worked on (2x) but didn’t mention last week:

  1. started a Patreon page for freewritecamp.org
  2. daily workout - only on Monday and Tuesday so far but at least I did something

What I wanted to work on in case I had „nothing left“ to do but but didn’t mention last week:

  1. freewritecamp.org: new landing page (simple overview of what fwc is)
  2. freewritecamp.org: write copy for /curriculum page - the application for being able to join the fwc curriculum
  3. freewritecamp.org: send questions to interviewee of the series „How did you write…?“
  4. work on a pop song

New actions/tasks/ideas I came up this week

  1. freewritecamp.org: make intro video „What is freewritecamp.org?“ to put on Patreon page
  2. freewritecamp.org: make thank you video for Patreon page
  3. freewritecamp.org: build chat bot for creative writing
  4. freewritecamp.org: set up campaign at betterplace.org
  5. iian.in: make YouTube channel for music videos
  6. iian.in: curate Instagram account with music videos and audiovisual creations and experimentations
  7. iian.in: create SoundCloud channel for music and audio creations/productions

Working on

The commercial demo reel is keeping me busy, so does the wedding video of my brother and his wife. The day has kept me pretty busy this week. I worked up to 6 hours although I usually allocate 2-4 hours per day.

I started re-reading Uta Hagen’s „Respect for acting“, it’s been a great before-going-to-bed-but-already-being-in-bed lecture :=)


No real struggle. I’ve felt pretty good following my plan, sharing my plan publicly and then sticking to it.

Also, getting up late because of going to bed late is no longer a problem for me because I abandoned the need to stick to a strict schedule.

The only thing I would like to improve is to get up a bit earlier so that the first thing I’m doing is not the day job but the thing I defined the night before. That would be cool. I managed to make that happen only once this week. So, that’s a construction site.

Voiceover weaknesses

Done next time

These actions I’ll putting on the back burner for now

In addition to the actions of last week these are the actions added to the back burner because of a low priority for now:

2/4 CEO: Hank

How did business go?

Frank’s new blended approach of a) being disciplined in terms of completing the actions he said he would complete and b) not doing those tasks within a defined hour range seems to be working fine for him. He’s able to get his work done, which is awesome, and he can still live out his artistic self by being flexible on when to do these tasks.

For example: Before, he defined to start working at 7 am. Now, with his new approach, he simply starts working when he had 6-8 hours of sleep. That’s it. Simple.

I would like Frank to get into a stricter routine again (like a Navy Seal Commander recommends in a Casey Neistat video) but he needs to feel good doing the work because then he actually gets it done, and that’s most important thing!

3/4 Head of Sales: Jimmy

How did sales go?

4/4 Last words of the observer: Alex (me)

What did you (as the gray eminence) get out of this week? What was remarkable?

I checked emails only very little, on 1 or 2 days not all. That helped staying focussed, concentrated and not distracted.

The freewritecamp.org Patreon is awesome step. I was inspired by the Mastodon founder and main developer who has a running Patreon page with almost 1k patrons. Awesome and inspiring!

I’m in a good state, something in between the artist and the productivity warrior. Feels good!

Links I mentioned in the video

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