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I wrote it on paper, that’s why it got done

The lack of clarity, certainty and structure on what to say in a stolenvoice tv episode was also holding me back to produce an episode. I never knew what I was going to say in the documentation part, well I did because I wrote it down before but the problem was: I always wanted to have full-fledged documentation part and a full-fledged takeaway part to provide value in both segments.

So, I actually wanted to combine a blog post with a video episode and that was too much. I overwhelmed myself because I struggled to find a way to document on the one hand and provide value on the other hand.

My 162 days voiceover journey

Let’s talk about what happened in the last four weeks, calendar week 22 to 25 of 2018. Four and three weeks ago was a struggle time. It felt hard and difficult for me to move on. I was out of flow but it got better in two weeks ago and this week.

Up until 2 weeks ago, I gave attention to the storytelling masterclass at free write camp because it was only two more lessons I wanted to share with my students. free write camp is not directly related to voiceover but it is important to me because I started working on the masterclass before getting serious with voiceover. I wanted to finished the course properly, especially in my role as a responsible teacher.

Then I was all over the place:

The positive aspects (see below)


I was lacking self-discipline. When I started following a routine I defined beforehand I mastered my discipline. Using Five-Minute-Journal and Productivity Planner helped.

Split focus and unwillingness to make decisions were another aspect I was facing. So, I’ve been bad at setting priorities and making a commitment to one thing for a time is an issue I’m having.

Impatience is another issue I’m having especially since I’m still not able to attend auditions on pay-to-play website due to my not-existing commercial demo reel.

Another thing with me is impulsiveness, especially when I felt the day was out of my control - starting the lack of having had done my morning routine.

Pushing things through with no break although a break would help come clear. This was an issue I addressed in episode 5 at the end of the video (minute 23:52).

Overall, the overhead (the meta work) is usually killing me. When I’m confronted with too much to think I stop and stand. A routine helps me to still have time to think and process it but also move forward with the task I’m having in front of you. The key was to write down the night before in my physical book (the productivity planner) my Most Important Task of the day - and tasks of secondary and tertiary importance. I defined my route the night before. That was nothing. The novelty was that I was writing it down. It made a difference for me filling a text document on the computer compared to writing it by hand. Thinking about something feels so much harder for me than actually working hard many hours. So, I’d prefer to think less and work more. Thinking a lot depletes my energy faster than working hard for a long time.

I observed: On some days, I went to be late and got up late the next day. Then I wasn’t able to do my 6-step morning routine because my „day job“ was already wanting my attention. So, I did the day job. But it took sometimes up to 2 hours more than usual. By that time it was no longer morning but midday or afternoon. Then I felt it was late to the a morning routine. The day was practically done - at least in my mind. So, out of this I’m learning that if I have the discipline to go to bed early (my ideal time is between 9pm and midnight) so I could sleep 7 to 8 hours and get up between 4am and 7am.

I should also mention that I was sick last Friday, so about 7 days. Even today I’m not super healthy again but definitely better. In order to do voiceover work, my voice is still not at a sufficiently healthy level.

Indecision, lacking commitment to one thing at a time and little self-discipline fatigue me. They make me sleep and want to kill myself.

On an organizational note, I wanted to change to a new episode every 2 weeks (instead of once a week) because as you’ve seen I wasn’t able to deliver new episodes that often. Although it felt good it’s actually not helping me.

If I had review 2 weeks that’s actually more work to do. I’d be more inclined to postpone a new episode because it’s harder for me to establish rhythm of „every 2 weeks“ compared to „every week“. Doing something every week is easier to establish than doing it once every two weeks. Although the weekly challenge can seem more demanding than the bi-weekly challenge the flow of per-week will help me better than the lower pressure of every-two-weeks.

Also, with my new approach to a stolenvoice tv episode I have a clear idea of what I’ll be talking about at stolenvoice tv. These are the questions I’ll answer:

Answering the questions is the first segment. In the second segment I’ll try to switch my role from worker/maker to CEO/manager and see the bigger picture. I’ll express conclusions and insights. It’s like the two roles you have when writing: First, you write. After, you edit. Writing is I’m answer the questions in my role as a worker. Editing is when I think about what the I can take away from these past 7 days.

Documentation (only related to voiceover)

keep in mind I’m writing as the worker, not the CEO

In the last 4 weeks I attended a live training on client work and learned lots of stuff I want to apply in my voiceover client work.

I would have liked to have done my commercial demo reel but now I’m only at script 1 out of 7 and this not a final stage yet.

I attended another live mentoring session which was more about the community aspect and exchange than about really moving forward with my voiceover business.

I bought Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription to get access to Audition and Premiere Pro. It was a lot of back and forth because I was actually about to purchase Cubase Pro. I’ll spare you the longer story of it.

I finished editing part 3 of my London One Voice voiceover Conference material. Finally!!! It took 13.75h in total not including the hours of upload time on Vimeo yikes. But I practiced editing in Premiere Pro which was good.

I finished final-editing all 7 scripts of my commercial demo reel. Since my voice was still sick recording didn’t make sense, so at least I made progress on the scripts. Now, they’re ready to be recorded.

I did Lettering Animation for Beginners mini course.

I used the 5-Minute Journal and the Productivity Planner this week and I felt they both really help me get things done, be more focused and be less disappointed when a day seemed unproductive to me. Both require my discipline and force me to be disciplined because if I’m not disciplined a blank page would stare at me. Filling both books I managed except for one day (Wednesday) which was the transition from really sick to pretty ok but not healthy yet - I slept longer and therefore didn’t fill the journal.

I followed my 6-step morning successfully almost every day (rise, walk, braindump, express gratitude, meditate, workout - followed by doing my single most important thing of the day) - only on one day I didn’t do my morning routine, it was when I needed the morning to recover heavily from the sickness.

What I’m struggling with right now?

My discipline and self-respect to go to bed before 10pm so that I can start the day in control of it and do my 6-step morning routine followed by finished my MIT (most important thing) of the day. Because on each when I followed my morning routine plus MIT the day felt great! I want that on every work day!

Balancing work time and social time with friends and new people without burning my productive time. I’ve been wondering: How much social interaction is necessary until you’ll encounter an unhealthy lack?

Things I’m working on

I’m working on marketing:

My commercial demo reel. My running gag, kind of because it’s actually not funny - for me

My commitments by next week

I’d be very happy if I finished recording all 7 scripts by Friday next week, assuming I’ll get my healthy voice back over this weekend. So, my health being good and all scripts recorded. That’s all I would want to happen.


(remember I’m switching roles now. It’s like a role play. I’m the CEO now.)

As my own CEO, I’m not happy with what my worker has been doing. He was distracted and being all over the place. I’m actually thinking to fire him because he’s not aligned with our business goal for this year. In our first business year I want to make 6,000 euros by the end of December. If Alexander is not able to accomplish that I’ll find someone who does.

You can join my free email course „Story Creation Masterclass“ now and pre-order my book PARADISE soon.

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