7: Launching stolenvoice IGTV

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My voiceover journey started 172 days ago

I’m letting the worker and CEO speak on how they see the last week.



I wanted to get my healthy voice back. I accomplished that by Wednesday!

I wanted to finish recording all 7 scripts by Friday next week. I didn’t accomplish that. What happened instead? I’m still working on script 1 because it’s still not at the level that is should but I made further recording revisions. Quite a slow process that is challenging my patience.


I haven’t started pre-producing content since I have not set up a system for pre-production. I know I want to publish at least twice a month on stolenvoice.com. Maybe I’ll use Medium again for sharing native content there. In terms of sharing, I’ll reduce my output on Twitter and start using Twitter more as observation, listening, replying-to platform as suggested by GaryVee in DailyVee 402.

The podcast idea for stolenvoice will probably be something for Instagram/IGTV or Anchor. Ideally, I want to have the podcast visible on stolenvoice.com and natively distributed on Instagram and/or Anchor.

Something has to happen with studiolist.io. I fear it’s going to die if I don’t take the chance now. At least, I defined a 20-minute session this week, working on it every day. For now, I haven’t had a session. Next week, I hope I will.

Working on

Commercial demo reel.

Producing a daily IGTV episode on Instagram, this also includes challenges like imitating other people’s voices.

Started the full Lettering Animation course, purpose: I want to create my own animations/video explainers on projects I care about and voice these videos

My target demographic for my stolenvoice voiceover business are indie makers. So, I’ll try to engage more with those people and see what projects and products I want to support. Yes, I want to bring awareness to what they’re doing but I also want them to monetarily benefit (more paid sign-ups or conversions). The community WIP.chat is where many of the indie makers are hanging out.

Done next time

Having learned from my over-motivated commitment next week, I want to have completed the recording of script 1 and 2 of my commercial demo reel. I expect to have script 1 done by Tuesday and then I have another 3 days to record script 2 to a high-quality level.

CEO (Hank Kock, or short Hank)

Going through Alexander’s productivity planner I can see more red than green. Red showing of what’s not been done and green showing what’s been done.

Alexander started this new course on Lettering Animation, created by Austin Saylor. It fits into our overall strategy of creating animated voiced videos (AVVs). So, it’s a good move that he signed up. In the course, however, he’s already late to submitting the assignment he had. It was due on Saturday. Today is Sunday. But I have to be fair because he only learned about the due date on Friday.

However, if Alexander can’t keep up the pace and does not submit future assignments, I don’t see him continuing the course. His primary work objective is the creation of the commercial demo reel, he should not lose focus and more importantly time.

His move to make IGTV episodes is good. I like this one. IGTV helps Alexander make voiceover a priority because he’s pushing something out on voiceover every day.

Last week my alarm signals turned from green to yellow. I’m warned. This week they turned dark-yellow. The upcoming week is Alexander’s week of truth. I want to him to set achievable and realistic goals and commitments and I want to see more green than red in his productivity planner.

I’m seeing his effort but I’m also seeing him slacking occasionally - for example on Friday when he did 3 low priority tasks instead of the 3 high priority task (incl. the most important task of the day). Not good.

As always, I’ll have my eyes on him in the next week.

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