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My voiceover journey started 189 days ago

I was struggling to balance social (media) time and (deep) work time. Helping the family, starting Snapchat and Instagram improved how social I am/was but my productivity of what I accomplished was diminished. How do I balance that? I’ll answer in the episode.

Here’s the review of the last week by my worker and CEO.



What I said I would complete but didn’t

What I didn’t mention I would complete but did complete or start


Working on

Weakness I want to work on next week

These are my voiceover weaknesses, problems, challenges, ticks or general voiceover things I’m not good at but want to improve.

Next week I want to work on speaking less robotic (more fluent).

Done next time

CEO (Hank Kock, or short Hank)

First of all, I don’t want leave the impression that I’m unappreciative or disrespectful towards Alexander. He’s a machine when it comes to working but he needs a direction towards, otherwise he gets lost by the temptations of distractions. He can be so easily distracted that a prison-like, sound-absorbing chamber is his best work place. I know that and he knows that because we’ve been talking with each other, obviously.

I care about Alexander and I see his talent and skill. He’s not using his full potential. That’s why I’m pushing him. That’s why I want to him to work on his biggest lack: self-discipline and self-respect.

His discovery for Snapchat and Instagram stories is good but I definitely saw how it didn’t help is concentration. Using the platforms excited him but it also made him jittery and unfocused. Working solo, a feeling of importance and matter is important to endure. That’s why I’m partly forgiving that he’s using Snapchat and Insta stories also to create momentum and so to say a wave for himself to surf on. If he has no marketing support, no brand ambassador, no assistant at the moment he needs to make himself matter through his own actions. Kind of like self-motivation. I get it.

I also understand that he had a bit of an emotional start in the week with old family memories. That came unexpected. It’s a challenge he managed. The lesson for him is: Allow your feelings to happen and let them guide you but always be in control you.

There are lot of red X’s instead of green arrows in Alexander’s productivity planner. That’s generally not a good sign. Also, going through his working days (Mon-Fri) I see productivity scores from 2 to 8. That’s not good. Too inconsistent again.

But my observation of his work also showed me that he did always put working on script 2 as the MIT (most important thing) for the day. And he worked on it 3 out of 5 days (Mon-Wed). Only on Thursday (when he helped his grandma cleaning the windows) and n Friday (when he designed the menu card for his brother’s wedding) did he not work on the script. That’s a good sign. Designing the menu card took 10-12 hours. That’s one and a half working day.

Today, I don’t want to „bash“ more on Alexander’s performance. He’s behind what he’s doing. His work ethos is great, only his privatization (spontaneous change on what’s more important) is an issue I’ll keep observing.

I’ll talk with him about a possible way for him to achieve consistency. I believe that if he found a nice work rhythm he would create a great output. His current strategy for a productive day sounds promising, it goes like:

  1. Morning routine 90-120 min
  2. MIT: audition | work on demo reel 3-4 h
  3. Day job 2 h
  4. Work on building new and nourishing existing business assets on the rest of the day

Time flew this week for Alexander. Me, as the CEO, I felt it as well. We’re only human, and I’m not an idiot to understand that there are times in life that feel harder. This is one of those times in which our business is barely moving forward (at least that’s how it seems to me).

Enough from the CEO perspective because the most important milestone has been clear for while: a finished commercial demo reel. So, the MIT for the next days will also be to work on script 2 until it’s done. I want him to finish it this week. In fact, I want him to finish his demo reel before he’ll be going to Madagascar in September.

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