stolenvoice tv provides value and documents

This is real talk about struggles, failures and wins in my path as an actor of voices and a creative director of life, updated once a week. I invite you to join my „Arche Noah“ and pursue your dreams. If you’re fearful, welcome on board. Me, too. Does it mean you shouldn’t do it? Not at all!

In two segments of each episode I’m sharing a practical VO advice and documenting my status quo as a creative running a small business.

Segment 1: A practical advice for you. I share valuable insights into the voiceover (VO) industry until I feel that everything has been said.

Segment 2: My status quo. I’m documenting my path as a creative director of life and a small business owner. So, expect insights and conclusions out of my business experience and thinking-out-loud on what goes on in my life and in my mind.

The segments can be in mixed order, so don’t expect segment 1 to always be at the start of each episode.

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