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My voiceover journey started 366 days ago

TL;DR - here’s the summary if you don’t want to read it all

I’ve been documenting more than one year now, and I feel I’m just getting started. It’s awesome and I cannot recommend enough to do it yourself. If you want to do just one single thing that benefits your life and business, document your progress, ideally daily and at minimum weekly. Write it down for yourself or share it in public so you can be held accountable if you so wish!

What else happened?

I’ve been following an awesome morning ritual with three key components (walk, write, talk), I said goodbye to 500+ people, slept a lot, ate too little, showed up daily in front of the mic (thanks to accountability) and I attended the exciting launch event of one my favorite voiceover communities.

The takeaway in this episode is about perfectionism. It’s helpful in general but can be destructive if it holds you back from creating. Read the takeaway further below.

In today’s show:

  1. Context of the last seven days
  2. Most important things (MIT) of the last seven days
  1. Conclusion
  1. Takeaway
  2. Links mentioned in the video
  3. My reward for your attention

1. Context

A good and concentrated week. Thanks to my new morning ritual (walk + a voiceover recording on Stoicism) I’ve found a great way to kick off the day.

Orga. Email inbox cleaning and finances on Saturday (9 hours of #@!!) Isn’t there a better way to spend the weekend?! ^^

stolenvoice tv keeps being the hardest thing to produce. Only the last episode 29 took me 14,5 hours from zero to published. Still, I know, doing that will serve me in the long run (years), also business-wise. People see my path and I can refer back to any week of my life and know „YES, I DOCUMENTED IT!“

Additional remarks:

Didn’t eat well. No new food for 2.5 weeks. So, I did the groceries (on Wed, 09.01.2018). That’s not exactly interesting, I know. But considering that the last time I bought food was Sat, 22.12.2018, that becomes more interesting. Using the food you have and improvising is a good lesson to learn because there’s actually a lot you can eat when you think you have NOTHING to eat. But that’s just me being the „ascetic quasi-monk“ :P

Slept a lot. Because I worked so much or at least I did things that made me tired, I had three nights in which I slept 10 to 12 hours wow

2. MIT

This week’s focus was to make progress with the commercial demo reel, be in front of the mic daily and of course doing the day job so the bills are covered. Here’s what happened.

Gravy For The Brain (GFTB), my favorite VO community, launched Version 5 of their website! I couldn’t resist and share it on Twitter. Thanks to Hugh Edwards, Peter Dickson, and the whole team - that’s a great 5-year mission you have!

Saturday Accountability call with Eli Hughes was awesome. Outstanding guy! He’s my accountability partner and now texting me every day asking:

I so much needed that kind of social accountability, AWESOME I even offered it to a fellow VO peep, let’s see how it’ll turn out.

Also, he’ll ask me every Saturday from now on, how social I’ve been that past week. Good pressure (to also think of my social connections) as well!

Stoicism Daily Stoicism episodes on Instagram (Mon-Sun) - today was day 9!

Incl. getting up and walking this morning routine takes ~3 hours and it’s one of the best investments I could imagine (for now) because I’m combining personal health/well-being with my VO intention to show up in front of the mic every day - with the bonus benefit that people can watch/listen to it if they so wish.

Story Creation Masterclass. I sent next lesson 1.5 by email.

Demo Reel. New recording and new feedback and the conclusion that it’s ok to have that German / European accent. Also, empowering words from Tanya Rich. So awesome!

Bye, bye connections. I got rid of 500+ subscriptions I had on Insta and unsubscribed from those I’m no longer interested in.


Although my routine of going to bed and getting up was not constant I’ve been feeling good. I go to bed when I want and I get up when I slept as long as I wanted to sleep. I’m no longer putting myself into a rigid awake-asleep rhythm but I’m keeping it flexible. Still, I’m getting most of my things done and that makes me happy :)

Some people start recognizing me as a voiceover person and are even approaching me in this regard. Happened on Mastodon, Instagram (via DM) and LinkedIn. Exactly what I wanted: Making people aware that Alex = Voiceover!

Working on

Demo reel.


No real struggle, only the fact that I wasn’t eating that well (too little) but I balanced it out with sleep I guess.

Voiceover weaknesses

New discoveries:

If you want to work in the english market or for an international market, you will need to improve your English pronunciation. Your Wonder Bear is not quite right, and like all accents it is always best to start with the vowel sounds, your ‘Wonder’ is ok, although it could be better, but your ‘Bear’ needs a bit of work. Try and say Bare, you are making it into Bayer.

Discovered before:

Worked on the past week:

Fixed these past week:

How did business go?

also review Frank’s working performance

Writing as Hank Cock, CEO of stolenvoice: There’s not so much to say about the Frank’s performance. He worked on what was important and took his time to get enough rest. I can’t blame him for sleeping more. The only complaint I have is that he could have been working more on the demo reel. But since he showed up daily through his Stoicism show I’m forgiving him.

How many sales?

1 sale in the form of an LPA (landing page analysis) request! YEAY! If you want to have your own landing page analyzed for free (!), follow the instructions on naii.io/lpa/100/ - I’m still giving away over 90 analyses for free because I love to encourage indie makers like you :) 🎈

3. Conclusion

What was remarkable?

Still struggling but I got empowered. It hasn’t gotten easier, I’m still struggling a lot, but two things have given me a good push (something I’ve been longing for for months):

  1. An accountability partner who keeps me accountable daily.
  2. My voiceover show „One Minute Stoic“.

The conclusion then is:

  1. Get someone who keeps you accountable (life partner, friend, family member, someone you want to be cheered on by)
  2. If you do something and you want to become good at it, DO IT DAILY!

Last thing (something random). I started watching a TV show called „ATLANTA“. It features among others the protagonist of the film „Sorry to bother you“ that I had mentioned in stolenvoice tv 27. So, is this a preparation for VO Atlanta in March this year then? (yes, I’m making connection where probably no connections exist haha)

Kick asses, ladies and gentlemen, and if something/someone is wanting to harm you with their words, imagine that person was a pig and “oink” back. Look at his/her face and make a photo of it. You won’t forget that moment! :P

4. Takeaway: It’s ok to share 90 % perfectionism

In my daily Stoicism show on Instagram I’m showing up daily. It’s not a perfect, polished show. It’s my exercise to show up daily in front of the mic with the extra benefit that you can participate in this show (up).

There are days when I’m doing take over take over take and I can’t seem to get it perfect. There’s always a mistake. Then I decided that I would stop stressing myself about errors or mistakes and make the delivery my priority. Yes, I’m presenting myself as a voiceover artist who is supposed to deliver error-free and „perfect“. And no, this is not about that. I want to be there daily and share the wisdom of the Stoic philosophy. In this case, the message is more important than the way it’s presented. What beats How. Hoh, the native American has spoken (maybe that joke only works in German, I’ll see ^^).

5. Links or things mentioned in the video that have a website

6. Handsome random

my reward for your attention

  1. Still Corners - The Trip relaxation
  2. Caribou - Sun - I needed sun this week!
  3. M83 - Midnight City classic that simply blows your orchestral mind
  4. Feargal Sharkey - A Good Heart - for the love of expression and being a good-hearted person!
  5. P!nk - Raise Your Glass - empowering song for the weird side of you

You can join my free email course „Story Creation Masterclass“ now and pre-order my book PARADISE soon. If you enjoy my thoughts and want more, follow my daily Stoicism show on Instagram.

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