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My voiceover journey started 373 days ago

I’ve been documenting for 54 weeks. This is what I got done in the last 7 days in my path as a voiceover artist and entrepreneur. As of today (based on yesterday mentoring with Hugh Edwards), I’ll include a plan and results.

I ate better (more), and my sleeping pattern improved. I’ve been in bed around midnight but still slept quite a lot - 8 to 12 hours incl. the „restless hours“. I’m still feeling weird because I was partly restless in almost every night. At least, today (Friday) I was able to get up at early (6.55 am) which I consider a win. A precise hour to start the day at the same time could help. I’ll see.

What else happened?

I attended voiceover live training and mentoring sessions, did two German voiceover jobs, talked about competition with a competitor, and I followed my daily routine successfully. I love routine to a degree. Routine is awesome!

The takeaway in this episode is about connection and why it scares me. Read the takeaway further below.

In today’s show:

Live sessions, German jobs, competition, and other most important things

I’ve established a daily routine that pleases me:

And part of my weekly routine was, of course, the publication of stolenvoice tv 30 and the delivery of lesson 1.6 of my freewritecamp.org masterclass.

The other voiceover activities included a one-on-one mentoring session with Hugh Edwards and an online group training session with Tanya Rich.

Training with Tanya Rich

With Tanya and the group, I learned that it’s ok to pause and to use your hands in voiceover. As a film actor that’s different, as Tanya taught us:

Less is more on camera, more is less on mic

In this session, I also learned:

Mentoring with Hugh Edwards

In Hugh’s one hour mentoring I took away:

Hugh said:

studiolist was a big topic in that one hour. GFTB has launched „The Voiceover Internet Database“ (V.O.I.D.). You can find all types of companies related to voiceover (recording studios, agencies, production studios). There are 1.885 companies in their database at the moment. It’s rather vast and wide, and compared to studiolist it lists more than just recording studios. The focus on just recording studios is studiolist’s USP because, of course, we talked about studiolist being a competitor to The V.O.I.D.

Guy Harris’ Voiceover Studio Finder was a topic as well. It’s the self-proclaimed „No. 1 Studio listing site“, so I’m having the site on my radar. studiolist is the 3rd competitor in this market then and I think it’s a good thing because when there’s competition there’s a market. My attitude is: I can do better than Voiceover Studio Finder and make a more compelling offer. Also, my approach is different: I want to list all the studios worldwide so that you can always find a studio nearby. The studios are then sorted by customer reviews not by any kind of algorithm or because a studio owner paid to be ranked higher. Initially, I’ll list the studios alphabetically.

Overall, a very helpful session with Hugh in which I also learned a bit about his entrepreneurial path.

German voiceover jobs

I voiced the explainer video for the German non-profit association DEMOCRACY Deutschland, and I took the liberty to re-write the script so it sounds more fluent when spoken. Feedback is still pending.

I auditioned for a German job on Voice123 that didn’t go through. There were technical upload problems on Voice123’s side, unfortunately. I find that embarrassing for a platform that huge but as I learned this week, the site has been struggling and their new system (user interface) is not doing a tremendously good job.


Autopilot. I noticed in the live session (webinar) with many people I zoned out. I entered autopilot and I stopped paying attention to the copy and just read mindlessly. I was only scanning the words instead of giving them meaning through my VO performance. Probably my nerves fail on me during the live situation. Tanya said there are ways to address this issue. I’ll have a training session with her once I aggregated more stuff to talk about.

Plan and results

It’s 23.01.2019, I delivered an early version of the commercial demo reel.

It’s 30.01.2019, I shipped a functional version of studiolist.io. See my personal accountability whiteboard in the photo gallery below.

Next week, I’ll report on how it went.


I’ve been procrastinating to finish the demo reel and to ship a ready-to-use version of studiolist.io. With the new plan-result accountability, I’m planning to change that.

Takeaway: Connect to the words you’re saying

When tuning into autopilot you stop feeling anything. You become numb to the world around you. In acting, that’s a dealbreaker. You cannot let go unless it’s part of your character’s actions. As I said in episode 74 of stolenvoiceIGTV „losing control is human but it’s not acting“. Connect to the copy and understand the words you’re performing. If you don’t connect to the script you won’t connect to the audience. The text is your raw medium and your performance is the connecting element to the audience.

More insight: My (passive) refusal to deeply connect to the text is addressing my fear of truly connecting to people. I’m afraid that too much connection could make me vulnerable and that a person that I opened up to would have my heart in „their hands“ and can break it at will. It’s a bit drama queen but it’s something that swings in the back of head when having „connection“ problems.

R. Kelly’s Ignition remix

R. Kelly’s Ignition remix is my reward for your attention. Haley Dasovich’s vlog episode in NOLA (New Orleans) brought it to my attention. It sounds so lame listening to it in 2019 ;)

Photo gallery

My personal accountability whiteboard

My personal accountability whiteboard

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