32: Screw goals, creative expression matters!

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My voiceover journey started 380 days ago

I’ve been documenting for 55 weeks. This is what I got done in the last 7 days in my path as a voiceover artist and entrepreneur.

My sleeping pattern is still wild but it’s fine. I got up between 7am and close to 11am. I had a good amount of social time, through digital media on the workdays, and on Saturday in person. Awesome!

What else happened?

The usual stuff: morning walk, morning show, day job, and a bit of tech

The takeaway in this episode is about the paralysis that goals can put you into and what to do instead. Read the takeaway further below.

In today’s show:

It’s the same container routine but with different ingredients every day

No matter when I got up, I followed my routine. I’ve abandoned the very strict „get up at the same time every day“ mentality because it doesn’t serve me anymore. My morning includes a walk, a read and my Stoicism voiceover show. An important and urgent task follows and so does my day job! The day job was not completely daily because on Saturday I was too tired to work on it. 9 hours of social time that distracted me from doing the day job in a positive sense.

The day job work has been taking quite some hours from the clock with lots of work. That’s good on the one hand. But it leaves me with no big amount of work and energy for other stuff.

The production and publication of last week’s stolenvoice tv 31 went very smooth process. I knew what to do and I did it with high concentration!

Live event: Episode 400 of the seanwes podcast

My social highlight of the week was episode 400 of the seanwes podcast. The topic is how to have a positive mindset no matter your circumstances. Watch it.

I attended the live event so I got the full experience and I connected to Ryan McCabe, the special guest of the show!

Another German voiceover job audition

I auditioned for another German job on Voice123. This time the upload worked. I realized it didn’t work last time because of my mistake. I should have picked a sample which is another recording I had done before. This sample is different from the recording to that I uploaded for this audition.

A job that puts me in a dilemma

An Instagram friend sent me a voiceover project offer that she saw. They pay 0,02 euros per word with projects of 1.400 to 2.000 words. That would be 28 € to 40 € per job.

I was considering to take it because I NEED TO MAKE REVENUE (remember, it’s 400 € per month). It’s also a big company and they have a huge following on YouTube. I could use it as a reference and/or case study.

So far I haven’t taken the job. But I asked them some questions about it. Also, I checked the voiceover rates, via the Gravy For The Brain Voiceover Rates Guide - U.K. and GVAA Rate Guide.

It’s a dilemma: I need the money/revenue (because of my aim) and I want the experience. But I don’t want to ruin VO prices. I’ll do what’s right and find other project and clients that pay fair fees.

DIY contact form in PHP and my beloved freewritecamp masterclass students

Spam has been increasing. So, I want to remove all plain email address appearances from my websites, incl. stolenvoice.com. That’s why I started working on a contact form but it doesn’t work yet. It’s also taking quite some time, time that I’ll have less for voiceover. But that’s fine because it’s important and urgent.

I sent lesson 1.7 of the freewritecamp.org masterclass on Sunday. One day later than usual but that’s ok. Saturday was for social activities with Finnish ingredients :)


Funny MP3s. I learned that MP3s are „funny little beasts“. I converted a .WAV file to a 16 bit .MP3 but I didn’t see it was 16 bit. Then Rob Bee helped me out and explained:

MP3s are funny little beasts. You have to convert them to something else before you can open them in an editor/DAW. Different bits of software will display the properties differently.

Voiceover confidence level is rising. I’m feeling more and more confident as a VO. Also, saying that I’m a voice actor has become more natural as well. I’m becoming more and more comfortable in front of the mic. The daily mic time of the past 3 weeks (and the months before) has helped me gain that confidence. Lesson learned: The magic lies in daily (at least regular) practice.

Plan and results

On 21.01.2019 (two days early) I delivered an early version of the commercial demo reel. There are many things I need to improve which is I worked on it and sent new deliveries to my VO peer.

Still due on 30.01.2019 is a functional version of studiolist.io. It’s going to be interesting how much I’ll actually spend with studiolist.io. My day job and the contact form are eating quite a lot of time at the moment. And, of course, I want to make progress with voiceover (the reel). So, at the moment I’m having doubts whether I’ll deliver a functional version on 30.01.

See the photos below. They’re showing my personal accountability whiteboard for calendar week no. 3 and 4 (this week).


Ignoring rate guides, how low should you go with the price for your voiceover service? When you want to practice in the real world and get references what do you? Are 30 euros for a piece of 1.500 words ok? If I did 13,333 of them I would have reached my monthly goal already. That sounds pretty good.

Takeaway: Produce from within first!

I got a bit sick and tired of goal-setting. It didn’t add up anymore. I’ve come to the conclusion that goals are not the key but the production itself is. If you don’t create, you can have as many goals as you want. Create first, then do all the rest. Make something before you set a goal.

And by the way, a goal is different from an intention. Why you’re doing it is not a goal. Why is the drive. The goal is the destination. Have an intention for why you’re doing it. Then do it, see if you like the creation process and take care of goals and such after.

Let me give Ryan Holiday, author of „The Perennial Seller“, the word here:

The question is: Why are you creating? Why are you putting pen to paper and subjecting yourself to all the difficulties you will certainly face along the way? What is your motivation? Because the answer will determine how likely you are to be successful.

This is not a question of „purity“. It’s simple. Compare two creators: one who cares less about what he’s making and more about what it can do for him (make money), and another who, upon sitting down, says „This is my life’s work“ or „This is what I was put on this planet to make.“ Who would you bet on?

Every project must begin with the right intent. It might also need luck and timing and a thousand other things, but the right intent is nonnegotiable—and, thankfully, intent is very much in your control.

If you’re in doubt, here’s THE GAP

THE GAP by Ira Glass is my reward for your attention. The piece is about taste and how you as a creative develop it over time. In the beginning, your work is not that good but over time it develops because of your (good) taste. Awesome piece!

Photo gallery

My personal accountability whiteboard

My personal accountability whiteboard: Calendar week 3

My personal accountability whiteboard

My personal accountability whiteboard: Calendar week 4 (this week)

Last words

Oh, and next week, I’ll be in Miami for a conference, meeting some friends and for studiolist.io. So, See you the week after next week.

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