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German bilingual voiceover artist, contemporary and commercial with a specialty for character voices. Professionalism, versatility and dedication are what you get when you hire me. A slightly smokey, yet sophisticated, youthful foreign English voice with accent as well as German native.

Voiceover is my passion, and that comes through in my work. And, honestly, it’s the only thing I’m really good at. I will always give 100 % to every project I work on and couple it with personable and genuinely emotive performances that will add trustworthy authenticity to any recording.

I have a broadcast quality studio and can offer 24-hour turnaround on most projects.


Studio equipment

Secret to double your sales!

here’s the quick link if you can’t wait to get it

The secret is actually not a secret at all if you know what it is. I’ll tell you in a second.

First, I want to tell you how excited I am that you want to make more sales and earn more money. That’s a good thing.

Your family will thank you

Money is important because it allows you to make a living. More money gives you even more options to improve your business and your personal life. You can even become rich and live your dream life. Your dream then becomes your life, and your life becomes a dream as well. And because your product offer is so fabulous that it’s helping tons of people in their lives that’s even more awesome. You win, your customers win and your life wins as well. Everyone wins, and that’s all because of sales.

You deserve success

Sales are important. More sales make you hugely successful. Your success puts you on a wave so you surf to the shore. Obviously, you were not born to surf waves. You had to learn it, first by laying on the board without falling, then standing up and keeping the balance and then doing the same in water. It takes a lot of practice, falling and some bruises. Success comes with a price, and that’s where the hard work begins.

Don’t worry, I’m doing the hard work for you. I’m taking the surfboard into the waves, practice until I don’t fall anymore while I get smashed by some waves, get those bruises and learn from it. At the end, you’ll get the working solution that went through all kinds of trial and error scenarios to make sure that you will be able to stand on the board and surf from wave to shore.

I just described my process as a storytelling copywriter and voiceover. No, I’m not actually teaching you to surf. Sorry. But I can still double your sales when working with me, though I have a word of warning: I’m not wasting your time. Read on.

Success has a unique recipe like the owner of your favorite Italian pizza restaurant

In order to make best use of your time, I’d like to tell you a little about how I work and the kind of projects I take on, so you can determine if contacting me is a worthwhile effort to you.

My writing and vocal performances are the result of a process that allows me to deliver my best work.

In my process, I work unlike many other writers and actors. Primarily, I take full responsibility for creating the sales copy and voiceover delivery, rather than asking clients or 3rd parties to do my job for me by putting executive and artistic decisions on their shoulders.

This means that I don’t include multiple versions (or revisions) in my projects. Instead, I deliver my one best solution, based on my client’s goals. This approach frees my clients so they can focus on what’s most important for their business or organization, and it gives me everything I need to craft something that their audience can connect with.

We’re maybe not a fit, and that’s ok

The first step in this process is a series of questions to give me an initial idea of the project that you want to increase your sales for, which you will find below.

On this form, there is no budget field, nor do I display any rates. In our preliminary discussions, I want us to concentrate on the project goals and what will enable excellent results. I do extremely good work and invest myself in achieving your business objectives so that’s what I focus on—accordingly, what I charge is not meant in any way to be competitive.

But if your budget is minimal, we won’t be a good fit. If you don’t know whether your budget is minimal or not, we probably won’t be a good fit.

If your focus is on having someone with experience dedicate themselves towards crafting something that will be effective for your needs, and that is something you’re willing to invest in, we will likely be an excellent fit.

Also, we will likely be a good fit if you…

If this sounds like you, *congratulations*, please continue reading to get your reward.

Tell a story and sound like a friend

Ok, you made it. Here’s the secret to increase your sales up to 200 %. The secret to double your sales is to write effective sales copy told as a story and to sound like a friend to your customer.

And the person who can do that is yours truly. Let’s get the process started, shall we? Please fill out the questions below, and I’ll be in touch soon!

Fill out the questionnaire

Oh and do read the introduction above if you happened to have skimmed through. Don’t contact me with a project inquiry if you didn’t.

Get those →200% sales!

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