Service status: 🔒 is currently locked. I’m currently not available for new projects. If you wish you to work with me, telegram me with the first line „New project: Please add to waiting list!“ and I add you to my waiting list. I ignore messages with another first line.

Dominate your niche

The ONLY ethical copywriting consultancy

Clients have asked for a copywriting service that goes beyond writing excellent copy. They wanted consulting and strategies that improve their bottom line.

That’s stolenvoice. I write sales copy for youthful organizations and solopreneurs, and I’m using privacy-respecting technologies that don’t spy on you because I despite surveillance capitalism.

This means I don’t write copy for Facebook ads, Instagram, YouTube or Google. And yes, this also means I do write copy for email campaigns, landing pages you own and websites we trust.

If you just want sales copy text fast, I encourage you to check out my entry-level service at Copywriting Delivery. is a brand + service by