1: Best time is now, trust the process

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With 34 years I started a path in voiceover (in short: VO). I’ve just finished a formal VO training and now I’m ready to apply what I learned and share it with you.

Today’s episode has two segments.

Segment 1 - Introduction

Hi, I’m Alexander Kluge with stolenvoice tv. I’m a German-English voice actor and I invite you to partake in this journey to make it yours and mine.

I’ve been hesitant to share what I learned because I felt I had nothing important or valuable to give. However, although I’m fairly new to the voiceover industry and acting world I have 10 years of business experience under my belt. It doesn’t mean I’m successful (almost the opposite is the case) but it means that I can share a thing or two with you that you may need to hear a second, third or fourth time or something you never heard before. In each case, I’m all in. Are you?

Segment 2 - Start now

There’s no point in postponing decisions when you know and feel that you have to decide. If you don’t, hesitation will cripple you and the fruit you were to eat when ripe will be rotten. How yummy is that? I’ve been hesitant to go all-in with voiceover at least for a year. My hesitation came from indecision: I didn’t know whether I should pursue copywriting or voice-acting. I tried to do both and wore myself out. I needed to make a commitment towards copywriting (I bought a 1,000 dollar course) to realize that it’s not what I wanted to do. The price I paid was money and time. If you’re in doubt whether an art or craft (like voiceover) is your thing, try small things. Play around with what you have, see how it feels and where it leads you to. If you enjoy doing it (without the money aspect in mind), although it can be hard at times, continue. How bad you may be in the beginning, there’s nothing worse than not beginning at all!

Start now, even if you consider yourself too young or too old to do something. It’s never too early or too late to start, only the expectations you have can be too high or too wanting (being impatient). So, start and enjoy the thing you’re doing for the love of doing it. If you hate what you’re doing, no amount of money can make you dis-hate it. If you love what you’re doing but can’t live from it, no pure love will make you survive. Start with the love of doing it (enjoying the process) while having a job on the side that allows you to pay the bills. Over time (having patience) your thing will turn into something you may have dreamt of.

Trust the learning process and more than that trust yourself.

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