10: Build your own wave to surf on

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Another week to review by me in my dual role as a worker and CEO. I’m letting both speak on how they see the last week. Socially a high week, productivity-wise the worst week so far. I’m sharing what happened anyway - in good and bad times.



What I said I would complete but didn’t

What I didn’t mention I would complete but did complete


Working on

Weakness I want to work on next week

Next week I want to work on speaking less robotic (more fluent).

Done next time

CEO (Hank Kock, or short Hank)

In Alexander’s priority planner he defined 14 items (also non-voiceover-related) and he accomplished 3. He keeps postponing tasks from week to week. Not good.

It becomes a question of setting priorities. Alexander did set his priorities this week. Helping out his brother for the wedding was his number one priority. He invested 2 work days in front of the computer and one work day on site helping out setting up the venue. Also, he was the videographer at the day of the wedding. That’s 4 days of work day over the span of the last 9 days. No surprise he didn’t have much time for the voiceover business.

If Alexander had been anticipated that he would spend more time with regard to the wedding he could have prevented creating expectations. I’m not sure if I can continue trusting his judgement. He tends to put a lot of stuff of his plate but barely finishing anything on it.

Today he only defined 3 items to be done by the next time we talk and I think that’s the logical consequence of it. If I were brutal and as the CEO I do have to like that (sometimes) I would say put one thing on the list and make that 100 % complete.

I’m wondering about the reasons for him slacking off: Is it his morning routine that he hasn’t have consistently in the last days? Is it his attitude? Did he become lazy? I’m not sure.

Right now I feel it’s just becoming so much for him that he can’t handle it anymore. It comes to discipline and that’s not a new issue (see episode 9).

I can only hope that Alexander gets his shit together and continues building his own wave to surf on. Otherwise I just see stolenvoice getting hit a huge wave and smashed against a massive rock. It can’t get any worse than these last days for the business. My disappointment, anger and frustration is 120 %. I try to be diplomatic but I’m having a really hard time not kicking Alexander out of his shoes. He’s being irresponsible towards the business.

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