11: Consistency

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My voiceover journey started 200 days ago

The week went relatively well. Productivity scores with at least 8/10 every day (Mon-Fri). The challenge since Friday was to take care of the animals (dog, cat, 7 ducks) in my brother’s house because he’s been on honeymoon with his wife for a week - especially the dog wants a lot of attention (I would never want to have a dog myself). Entering the new place and setting up my new recording environment in the closet took some time and getting used to.

The Saturday was a social and organizational day - I spent 9 hours doing that. On the 3rd day, I felt that now my mind had arrived as well.

Here’s the perspective as a worker and a CEO.



What I said I would complete but didn’t

What I didn’t mention I would complete but did complete



The creation of the demo reel seems to take forever. Another week passed by and I still haven’t even finished script 2 out of 7. I started working on the commercial demo reel on June 7. That was 7 weeks ago.

I had some interesting conversations particularly on Twitter about voiceover. It took quite some time but it feels well-invested research time to get to know the voiceover industry better. The struggle persists: How much social (media time) is necessary, healthy and important for the business and what’s too much? When is it time to do the deep work instead of the interactive work?

Working on

New weaknesses I discovered this week

New discovery of a weaknesses/challenges:

Here are the weakness I discovered before:

Done next time

Keep in mind that next week is going to by 7-day-sabbatical. So, I’ll slow down my engines and use most of my time for another side project unrelated to voiceover, a book about my 3,5 weeks survival trip in Cuba last September 2017 (I had lost my credit card on the first day and had only 150 US dollars).

Nevertheless, I want to work on script 2/7 after working on the book to really finish the script this next week.

CEO (Hank Kock, or short Hank)

In Alexander’s priority planner he defined 9 items (also non-voiceover-related) and he accomplished 2, worked on 3 (not until completion) and didn’t do 4.

Except for Saturday (when he left the house early and in a relative hurry to be on time for long meeting) he didn’t fail doing his routine. Also, despite not being finished with script 2 he worked on it every (expected) day - Monday to Friday. So, I literally can’t blame him. There was also another peer who gave feedback to his voiceover recordings, so he has to manage input from two people which is a challenge itself.

I’m feeling Alexander’s impatience but he chose to go the DIY route of creating his demo reel and now I want him to finish it properly.

What Alexander did was good. I can’t blame him for anything, only his social (media) time was a bit too much. If he could reduce that and keep that discipline that would be awesome. There were also some social media posts that were interesting because they were about business and mindset. I see the value of him posting it - so I see it rather positive that I compulsively did that and took time of the clock.

All in all, it have been most disciplined days for Alexander because he had done what he. Self-discipline is a skill he wants to develop more because it’s ultimately about self-love as Will Smith explained.

Also, Alexander spent more time on sports and health which he benefitted from and loved it! For example, he played Hacky Sack more. I feel he’s been missing sports and being outside a lot. I’ll keep that in mind the next time his performance is suffering because it can mean he was simply not outside playing enough.

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