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It’s the week after the sabbatical and it was a bit rocky in terms of productivity.



What I said I would complete but didn’t

What I didn’t mention I would complete but did complete

In my personal life, I prepared myself more for my research trip to Madagascar on September 4 (for 4 weeks) by getting my first vaccinations (rabies, hepatitis a+b) and some others will follow (like tetanus and typhus). I got new trekking boots for a good price (70 €) and made a list of what’s missing (like an impregnated mosquito net, malaria prophylaxe medication, a dry-fast towel, and a travel book about Madagascar for the relaxing hours while there and a little pre-planning). I’ll probably also check the WikiTravel page of Madagascar, ok I read a bit about it already, I admit ;)


Working on

New weaknesses I discovered this week

New discovery of a weaknesses/challenges:

Here are the weakness I discovered before:

Done next time

I want to be verbose this time by mentioning everything that’s going on in my business life and what will be done the next time „we talk“:

CEO (Hank Kock, or short Hank)

Alexander defined 7 todo items this week, accomplished 4 of them and, worked on 2 (not complete yet) and failed at doing 1.

In general, he’s been continuing his „mule mode“ which means to just keep going without being impressed by the outside world, „doing his thing“.

Getting back into a working routine is the most important thing for him now. He’s been slacking off which I don’t like but I appreciate him addressing this issue and taking action. That’s why he defined 3 productivity hacks that he had also shared on episode of 41 of stolenvoiceIGTV.

The 3 tips are:

  1. Get up early with an alarm - I shared my ideal day on Twitter
  2. Do the MIT first (MIT = most important thing - of the day)
  3. Schedule everything - also social time so you’re in charge and acting instead of reacting. This also takes control of impulsiveness that I’m usually having

All 3 hacks require self-discipline. Discipline is important because it expresses how much you value (respect) yourself and ultimately shows how much you love yourself.

That’s a good move and it’s great that Alexander did that. It was only Friday that he applied his new ideal day but it’s fine. I want to pursue this day next week every (Monday to Friday).

I’m also pleased about his persistence and progress with the script 2 of the commercial demo reel. It’s not yet done but his last take was the best so far.

It’s only 3 more weeks until his time on Madagascar, so this is his final spurt. Since I’ve known Alexander for some years I know racing to the finish line (when the line is in sight) is one of his favorite things to do.

Overall I’m pleased with his performance. Despite the sometimes hard days he’s continuing his journey, his relentlessness is admirable - he always keeps going. And he also knows that this is important; Tanya Rich confirmed that by saying „I am a very disciplined person, it is the only way to be! You have to be tough and single minded in this business.“

Over and out. That was another week of the voiceover journey of Alexander and his stolenvoice.

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