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The week started extraordinarily well, then on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I allowed social distractions which resulted in 13 hours of not being able to be productive.

I’m not a(nti)social but hanging out and going to events talking is my no. 1 distraction from getting actual tasks done. Accordingly, these three days were not satisfying productivity-wise and I messed up my day rhythm.



Not completed but worked on it

What I said I would complete but didn’t

What I didn’t mention I would complete but did complete


Working on

New weaknesses I discovered this week

New discovery of a weaknesses/challenges:

Here are the weakness I discovered before:

Done next time

CEO (Hank Kock, or short Hank)

Alexander defined 12 todo items this week, accomplished 8 (one he’ll complete today), worked on 1 (not complete yet) and failed at doing 3.

His productivity scores from Monday to Friday were: 10, 2, 8, 4, 6. On Saturday and Sunday he didn’t define a productivity score. The maximum score per day is 10. Last week’s total score was: 44,5 (mon-sat) - average: 7,4. This week’s total score is: 30 (mon-fri) - average: 6.

He’s aware that social interaction is crucial but he’d like to reduce it to a minimum so it doesn’t interfere with his productivity. Alexander tends to be too social and then lose the actual things to do out of sight - therefore the strict schedule as presented last week is his way to protect himself from derailing to „Social Alex“ and stay and become „Power productive Alex“.

Also, according to what he learned from Samuel L. Jackson in his masterclass, he’ll start reading more novels to learn to think like the characters in a story. This should help him read, write and decipher scripts better

Alexander also discovered his dusty guitar again. Fiddling around with it is a great way for him to relax before or during a recording session or when he feels stuck or needs to mentally unblock.

His week was rich because of the social interactions, that’s good but his performance suffered.

Generally speaking, after our agreement to take it slower (episode 12) - as a result of the sabbatical - he’s become less stressed and more productive. Even if he doesn’t accomplish the 6k goal this year, he still paid all his bills thanks to his day job. So, since he’s not being lazy and making an effort I won’t be hard on him anymore. It’s just not helping anyone.

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