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My voiceover journey started 317 days ago

A battle of artist and solider, free-thinker versus disciplined person. That’s how I felt. I gave a lot of room to the artist this week, which felt great. That allowed me to discover music producer deadmau5 through his masterclass, and it made me learn more about film-making by watching Peter McKinnon & Co. which I could apply to the video I’ve been editing for my brother and his wife’s wedding which I recorded as well.

I had two successful days in terms of my week’s focus (wedding video and commercial reel) and two non-successful days due to organizational things.

And there was this thing with the apartment: Should I stay and be a stay-home person or should I hit the road and be/come a Digital Voiceover Nomad (DVoN)? Yesterday, when I had thought about it more I abandoned the idea of moving to a new place and instead go work-travel again. I’m still uncertain and haven’t made a final decision.

Here’s what the four Pappenheimer want to tell you. Listen to Frank, Hank, Jimmy and my analytic self.

Oh, and this time Frank will be less verbose on what he did and didn’t do. He will just refer to what’s written in the blog. Otherwise, it’s boring. Also, as soon as I start work-traveling more I’ll include some B-roll of the places I’ve been to make the stolenvoice tv episodes more interesting to you.

1/4 Worker: Frank



This week’s focus was to make progress with my commercial demo reel and with my bro’s and his wife’s wedding material. It didn’t happen every day but in general I did make progress.


  1. ✅ daily day job
  2. ✅ daily 90daysoflaserfocus
  3. ✅ daily stolenvoiceIGTV
  4. ✅⚠️ stolenvoice tv ep. 24
  5. ✅ progress w/ commercial demo reel
  6. ✅ progress w/ bro’s + wife’s wedding material
  7. ✅ progress w/ freewritecamp.org
  8. ✅ first steps towards a pop song

The progress with the pop song was watching deadmau5 on masterclass.com.

What I worked on (1x) but didn’t mention last week:

  1. The organization for a possible new apartment but I let that idea go, as I decided now and will go work-traveling instead. So, I’ll keep my room that I’m renting now.
  2. Daily workout. It didn’t happen every day but I did one some days.

What I wanted to work on in case I „nothing left“ to do but but didn’t mention last week:


Working on


Juggling both (the artist and „soldier“) keeps being my central struggle and I guess it’ll never end.

Voiceover weaknesses

New discoveries this week:

Weaknesses I discovered before:

Weakness I worked on this week:

Weakness I fixed this week:

Done next time

As you can see I’m more conservative with my expectations on what to have accomplished next time. It speaks for my desire to be more focused. It also means that I’ll be working more hours for my day job (8h/day) and the rest spend with the reel and the wedding material (2h/day each), so that I’m having 4 hours left for leisure, fun, food and social and 8 hours for sleep. That’s the end-sprint for this years. I want to end with 10k revenue in Nov-Dec.

2/4 CEO: Hank

How did business go?

Review of worker Frank’s performance

His weekend was lazy.

Monday and Tuesday were great.

Wednesday and Thursday were not so great (apartment stuff happened).

3/4 Head of Sales: Jimmy

How did sales go?

No sales.

4/4 Last words of the observer: Alex (me)

What did you (as the gray eminence) get out of this week? What was remarkable?

An interesting change: I’ve taken distance from actually talking about business (avoiding this kind of terminology) because it put me into a money-making mindset which didn’t work for me (at least not fully). Instead, I consider everything I’m doing now as endeavors, projects or ventures. It’s things I’m doing because creation is the precursor for everything (incl. money). If that thing that was created is good (resonates with people) money will follow - not automatically but somehow.

I’ve started looking for a new apartment. I’m currently sub-renting one room in a 3-room apartment. My kingdom is 13 square meters :P - it’s been getting a bit packed with my stuff, so it’s time for a new chapter (if I’m actually successful because Berlin has been swamped with people wanting to live here, don’t know why ^^)

What inspired me these last days: I’ve started to fall in love with NPR TED Radio Hour, it’s really awesome stuff; and I enjoyed listening to the interview with Elon Musk at the Joe Rogan Experience; also, videography and photography keeps knocking on my door: Peter McKinnon and his friend Matti Haapoja are my kings right now - I feel I can learn a lot from them also for the video documentation of my own voiceover path. I want to bring visualness to my vocal journey

Quite some time goes into working on the film-making out of the footage I took at my brother and his wife’s wedding back in July. I promised to make them a video until Christmas, so that takes time off for voiceover

And I just made a plan for the end-year’s sprint: 4k revenue in November, and 6k revenue in December.

Also, my 2nd story creation masterclass will be starting next week. So exciting! There’ll be six students receiving weekly educational emails on story-creation and story-marketing.


I’ve let my artist play out a bit more this week which meant less discipline and more room and space to express. It’s dangerous because then my productivity and discipline suffers. So, juggling both (the artist and “soldier”) keeps being my central struggle and I guess it’ll never end

Side note: Even through I’m tired but I can somehow always find a way to motivate me to document. If that’s the case then it’s really something someone does like.

Links I mentioned in the video

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