25: Backup, backing up and a loss!

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My voiceover journey started 324 days ago

Uff, what a „marbled“ week. Far from ideal but hey that’s alright.

I stopped my 90 days of laser focus challenge at day 45. That was a sad but necessary step. Public accountability helped me in the beginning but then it became something I didn’t want to do anymore. It drowned me instead of fueling me. So, I went cold-turkey and quit.

Did you know about the 3-2-1 backup strategy? Well, now I do and I made the first steps towards it. I wrote down my backup, storage and sync system. Not exactly boring but also not my core topic. You can pay a lot of money for backing up your data. That’s for sure.

There’s more that happened this week, like a new production and a language surprise! Watch this week’s episode or continue reading | read it all on stolenvoice.tv/24.

Of course Frank, Hank and Jimmy and yours truly will have their say and review their week.

1/4 Worker: Frank

This week’s focus was to make progress with my commercial demo reel and with my bro’s and his wife’s wedding material. It only happened on Monday and it’s a shame. I’ll tell you how and why.




  1. ✅ daily day job
  2. ✅ daily 90daysoflaserfocus (up until Wednesday, that’s when I quit!)
  3. ✅ daily stolenvoiceIGTV (also in German since Thursday)
  4. ✅⚠️ stolenvoice tv ep. 25
  5. 👷‍♂️ freewritecamp.org masterclass lesson 1.1 - sending on Saturday!
  6. ❌ progress w/ commercial demo reel
  7. ❌ progress w/ bro’s + wife’s wedding material
  8. ❌ daily workout - at least on Friday (today) I got out of the house to walk and also last Saturday I was playing soccer with some guys, but not satisfying in total

What I worked on (9x) but didn’t mention last week:

  1. Created a YouTube channel. Despite my convictions that Google territory is evil territory, I'm now willing to start dancing with the devil and spit in his face and open mouth. Wohl bekomm's! (Cheers) - I'll use it as a testing channel where I'll upload the latest stolenvoice tv episodes and maybe some other voiceover projects. I want to see if I can increase my reach on THE BIG RED in addition to my Vimeo channel
  2. Attended Rob Bee’s „Working with video as a voice artist“ webinar
  3. Each episode of stolenvoice IGTV now comes in German as well (I started Thursday) - if you want to practice your German and listen to me speaking German, there you go! :)
  4. Also, stolenvoice tv now also comes in German! It means, every week I’ll publish two stolenvoice videos, in English and German!
  5. The backup topic as explained above and below.
  6. Registered stolenstories.com - my approach to produce audio-only stories incl. research, script-writing, voiceover-recording, music, soundtrack and sound effects.
  7. Returned to a more suave approach of the day called „Triple 8 Rich Day“ - 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of non-obligatory things, and 8 hours of obligatory things (things that either make money or are so important that I need to get them done)
  8. I’ll be working more hours for my freelance day job in December to finish with more revenue for this year.
  9. I invented a strategy to stop confusing me. I explained this approach in stolenvoiceIGTV episode 112 - the anti-confusion and pro clarity paper.

What I wanted to work on in case I „nothing left“ to do but but didn’t mention last week:

As a bonus I defined later that I would want to want to work on voiceoversdream.com but then my time got filled with other things. Life happened.

Working on


The pressure of my daily 90 days of laser focus accountability challenge is gone, and although sad I’m mostly happy about it.

Because I was falling into a weird wake-asleep cycle and didn’t follow my ideal day rhythm I created a new day template to follow (not rigidly but softly).

In case you’re wondering, „x.x“ stands for the amount of hours and minutes spend on that item. Here’s an example how to use that template:

This is purely for documenting my day so I can review where I „lost“ time and how I spent time. The actual things that I’m working on are stored in OmniFocus and written inside my paper productivity planner.

I know I need some kind of structure for the day because otherwise I’ll just start free-falling and that’s for the benefit for no-one and at the very least for my self, my sanity and well-being.

Voiceover weaknesses

New discoveries this week:

Weaknesses I discovered before:

Weakness I worked on this week:

Weakness I fixed this week:

Done next time

2/4 CEO: Hank

How did business go?

Review of worker Frank’s performance

Frank didn’t do all that he planned which is unfortunate but I know why he spent so much time on the backup topic. It’s important and as the stolenvoice CEO it’s in my own interest that Frank is informed on how to properly backup all our stolenvoice media assets. I only would have liked if he had defined the backup topic before but I know it was a surprise for him as well that it became such a big deal.

The biggest failure this week is the lack of progress in terms of the commercial demo reel. That’s something I truly blame Hank for. Next week I want to see a better and more consistent performance when it comes to the commercial demo reel.

The wedding video is not so much a big deal for me because it’s a personal project but do hope Frank will be working on it next week as well because I know he’s enjoying the video-editing work.

3/4 Head of Sales: Jimmy

How did sales go?

No sales for stolenvoice but there was one more student I gained today for the Story Creation Masterclass. I’m very happy about it because today was the last day to join. Slowly, I’m building up a student base.

4/4 Last words of the observer: Alex (me)

What did you (as the gray eminence) get out of this week? What was remarkable?

It started with a great productive and disciplined Monday and then the backup topic arrived: Since October it’s been on my todo list to transfer all (close 4.000) photos and videos from my Madagascar time to my hard drives. That didn’t work smoothly which is why I started to research about backup, storage, and sync strategies. The best data strategy is 3-2-1. Boy did that take a lot of time which means my time for voiceover suffered :(

Also, this week I started switching to a Monday to Friday production schedule for stolenvoiceIGTV, no longer Monday to Sunday. That should make me feel less pressured. And more and more I begin to understand that we solo-makers are a media production company, at least that’s how I feel.

I’ve been at probably the lowest point so far, partly feeling depressed - maybe simply feeling the effect of my voiceover journey so far and the relative non-success so far. In order to not end it all because of this low point, I cheered myself up through a photo I took with some Malagasy children.

And, I’ll probably get some proper acting classes here in Berlin, there's one starting in April 2019 and with 50 € / month (training in a group) it’s very fairly priced.

My sleep-awake schedule is ABSOLUTELY messed. I’m writing this here at 0.52 am and I’m not even close to finish the work day. The video recording is still ahead. These last days I got up at around 12pm, 1pm, 2pm. I’m longing for my morning routine. It's all messy as I explained in stolenvoice tv ep. 24.

For my YouTube channel that I mentioned above - in company with Instagram - I’m thinking of doing another daily format, something for the morning. It's nothing official and ripe yet but it’s something that’s been in my head for a while. I like inventing new (publication) formats and playing around with them.

Because I’ll be keeping my rented room (and not move to a new apartment - finally, I made this decision) I’ll be travel-working more starting in February 2019; this will hopefully put me in the right mindset of making further progress with studiolist.io.

My documentation warrior mode has slightly softened with the decay of #90daysoflaserfocus but it’s a necessary loss and ultimately a win for my sanity :)

Links I mentioned in the video

P.S. This is probably the longest episode in terms of how much I’ve pre-written (1.600+ words in about two hours). Puh…

New studio environment

And here’s the new studio environment for recording the stolenvoice tv episodes.

New stolenvoice tv studio environment - room view

New stolenvoice tv studio environment - room view

New stolenvoice tv studio environment - closer to camera and microphone

New stolenvoice tv studio environment - closer to camera and microphone

New stolenvoice tv studio environment - very close to camera and microphone

New stolenvoice tv studio environment - very close to camera and microphone

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