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The last two episodes were messy, pure chaos. Nobody would really watch this. I know I said that I want stolenvoice tv to be raw but I also want it to be something that I (or some of my family members) would want to watch, at the very least.

Also, I didn’t enjoy that these episodes have become so long. I want to be under 10 minutes (or even 5!) in all future episodes.

Here’s my plan to accomplish that:

I will pick only the very best aspects of the week and talk about it. This and only that will become part of the recorded video show. In the full text, I allow myself to be more verbose and write in full-length. So, you can watch the video to get the very best and/or read the article to get the full picture.

And: I have another addition. Each new episode will now be accompanied by a 1-minute teaser that I’ll publish on Instagram only. Instead of just publishing a square-formatted image, I’ll publish a square-formatted video.

This does mean extra work but I think it’ll serve you, as the audience member better. And, because I’ll save time recording (due to the shorter video) I can make the effort to create the 1-minute short summary.

That’s exciting news!!!

I know, normally you make a best-of AFTER a longer period of time, even a lifetime. But I figured: Since every day is worth living, I can at least make every 7 days a best-of compilation! Don’t you think it’s worth it?

The stolenvoice quadruple has their say.

In today’s show:

  1. Context of the last seven days
  1. Most important things (MIT) of the last seven days
  1. Conclusion
  1. Links mentioned in the video
  1. My reward for your attention

1. Context

Last Friday I recorded stolenvoice tv 26 but it took until Sunday to complete it which made my weekend busier than I wanted and less calm than optimal. It took me 8 hours to produce from zero to publication, much better than episode 25 but still with room for improvement. Considering that stolenvoice tv is a marketing tool for my voiceover brand stolenvoice it’s worth the time and effort but I want to become even more efficient. My plan to accomplish that is to speak less in front of the camera (only the essentials and highlights of the week) and include verbose details only in the text that I'm writing for each episode. It’s more than a transcript, it’s a complete brain-dump :P

I consider my new rhythm wake-sleep established since it now has become natural. I’m sticking to no particular waking hours unless there’s a meeting the next day, but I’m still working well on the things I had planned - though I have to say that the day job (despite my goal to work more this month) has been keeping me busier than I thought. It’s good because more hours means more money but it also meant that voiceover was not something I was able to cover well this week, unfortunately :(

Orga work also kept me pretty busy, something very technical (like a Git repository) and non-technical stuff (finances, application for a new apartment in Berlin - seems to be hard to find a good apartment that is also affordable). Generally speaking, the things I worked on took longer than I had planned.

Last Saturday was a social day (5 vis-à-vis hours with an old acquaintance, and 2 hours of skyping with an Iranian friend I had hosted through Couchsurfing). Both very refreshing conversations. Liked them a lot!

Housekeeping & Orga

I’m slightly abandoning the quadruple of Frank (worker), Hank (CEO), Jimmy (sales) and Alex (observer). Although I liked the idea of playing with those identities, I’ll simplify it, and only speak as myself with some reference to those characters (see below). So it’s not really abandoning, it’s more like changing how I’m making them part of the episode.

I’ve also realized that it’s wise to dedicate a full day to the creation of a stolenvoice tv episode. This way I know in advance that the only thing I’ll be doing on a Friday is my day job, stolenvoice tv, and producing the last stolenvoiceIGTV episode of the week.

In addition, I like the new approach better to write all the texts (English first, German after) and make the (now shorter) video recordings after. That means: I spend more time behind the camera (with writing) and plan the video recordings better to keep the videos shorter in the end. I hope that create a better (less boring) viewing experience.

2. MIT

This week’s focus was to make progress with my commercial demo reel and with my bro’s and his wife’s wedding material. Boy, what can I say, it’s the 3rd week in a row that I didn’t manage to work on both properly. Again, it was only one day that I worked on them, and for both it was more organizational: the Git repository thing was necessary to gain free space on my hard drive because video editing takes a lot of space and I wanted to move all video material on my Macbook Pro’s internal hard drive (due to a lack of an fast external SSD at the moment). And progress with the commercial reel was „only“ through the call with my voiceover feedback peer Penny.

It will probably be a final spurt for the reel and the video until December 24th. Maybe I need that, this time pressure. I’m a bit that kind of a guy. Anyway, I know this behavior of mine from my time as a student (2006-2013).



  1. ❌ workout (at least walk)
  2. ❌ commercial demo reel
  3. ❌ bro + wife wedding video
  4. 🔥 progress w/ studio list
  5. 🔥 figure out how the Rode VideoMic Pro+ works with the Canon 6D Mark 2


  1. ✅ day job
  2. ✅ daily stolenvoiceIGTV incl. German - Mon-Fri
  3. ✅ some unpredictable, random orga stuff
  4. ✅⚠️ stolenvoice tv 27 incl. German
  5. 👷‍♂️ progress w/ freewritecamp incl. masterclass lesson 1.3


I’m enjoying that in case I lost track of what I wanted to get done this week I can always open the latest stolenvoice tv episode and see it there. Super comfy. So, public documentation has its perks.

For stolenvoice client work (voiceover and copywriting) I expressed my long-term goal to get Glitch (formerly Fog Creek Software) and ZURB as clients. I love their presentation as a company!

Working on

Same same: day job, stolenvoice tv+igtv, commercial demo reel, bro + wife wedding video.


My estimation of how long certain tasks take. I usually pride myself in being able to estimate well but these organizational tasks I did this week were beyond me.

Voiceover weaknesses

New discoveries:

These were not really new but they are a confirmation by my voiceover feedback peer stated this week, which is why I find it important to mention them again, they are:

Discovered before:

Worked on this week:

Fixed this week:

How did business go?

also review Frank’s working performance

Almost like last week, Frank did not do all the things we planned, but the things he worked on were done right. In addition, a few organizational things, as mentioned above, took much longer than planned. This is where Frank should sharpen his time estimation (and time assessment) skills.

How many sales?

One community member at Gravy For The Brain requested to receive a Landing Page Analysis (LPA) which I’m super happy about :) - that’s a sale! :)

3. Conclusion

What was remarkable?

I’ve felt my heart beating strongly after I had started reading books on copywriting again - some new ones arrived by mail/post. The topic really excites me and makes me want to combine it with my path in commercial voiceover.

A fabulous voiceover mentoring session with Penny happened, with one outcome being that the combination of copywriting and commercial voiceover is valid, and that it’s ok to listen to a feeling when it’s so strong. But also with her warning to not spread myself thin. I also invited Penny to read the current copy on stolenvoice.com and she constructively criticized it in a way that I found fair. I like that she pointed out the quirkiness of the copy, I think that is maybe „my style“ of writing which could benefit me in terms of differentiation from other copywriting service providers. After all, I’m a salesman at my core whether I’m also an artist and businessman/entrepreneur as well. All in all, I’m happy that Gravy For The Brain (GFTB) is offering the 1-on-1 mentoring service. It can bring a humongous amount of clarity, and what’s better than a clear (non-clouded) head, a fit body and the willingness to work hard. Power combo! :)

A GFTB community member has requested a Landing Page Analysis (LPA) which I’m very happy about. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read it here - it’s always a pleasure and an honor to help creative fellows with the skills and knowledge that I possess and have acquired over the years.

Something happened to me in terms of humbleness and my feeling of gratitude. Maybe it’s because of my decision to finally leave my rented room and get a proper two-room apartment or maybe it’s because I have accepted that I want to make Berlin the home base for my ventures, incl. studiolist.io which I really want to make happen, also because I heard that Penny is getting asked a lot about good recording studios in London. I need to make this a thing that exists. I’m feeling such a strong urge to realize it, even stronger than a longing for Haribo :P - And I’m very inspired by Armin Hierstetter and how he created Bodalgo, he has become kind of a role model for me in terms of building studiolist.io. Inspiring dude :)

I wasn’t able to work on the commercial demo reel much and neither for the video of my brother and his wife, again I’m feeling a bit shameful about it. Only 10 days left until Christmas, doG give me time!

My general condition is calm and powerful.

I started documenting the daily progress I’m making as a human person on wip.chat.

Done next time

For now, I’m excluding things like unpredictable orga stuff, experimenting with the VideoMic Pro+ and the Canon 6D Mark 2 and working on studiolist and other projects, because the reel and the wedding video need my full attention.

5. Handsome random

my reward for your attention

  1. film „Sorry To Bother You
  2. song Gengahr - Before Sunrise, filmed in Casablanca, Morocco

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