4: Choose a profession for a season

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Having multiple interests seems great but it can actually make your choice what to focus on way harder. Even more when you have the feeling that you could be really good at many things.

For example: I want to make more videos, also to train my video-recording skills for my brother’s wedding in a few months. So, I watched YouTube videos for hours informing myself on what would be my best option for vlogging and videography. After a lot of back and forth, I decided to get an iPhone X because everything else was more expensive and more complicated than I would want. It would also replace my iPhone 5 (from 2013) that didn’t work so well anymore. Plus: I always have a smartphone with me, so potentially I have the best video/photo quality I can get out of a slim mobile device in my pocket.

I got really excited about filming and vlogging. So much that I decided to vlog my 4-day visit to London last week where I attended the One Voice voiceover conference. I grabbed a lot of material and you can watch part 1 already.

Back in Berlin, I spent 3 workdays editing part 1 and despite some issues editing with iMovie (deleting clips) I enjoyed the process. With that enthusiasm I almost neglected that my profession in this season of my life is voiceover. That’s dangerous because it reminded me of the „the grass is always greener on the other side“ saying. This means: Everything that’s new seems to be cool and exciting but it makes you walk zigzag and eventually wonder why you didn’t make progress with your actual profession (which is voiceover in my case).

I chose voiceover as my thing and area of expertise. Although it includes acting and using my voice it is not like screen-acting and unlike singing. It is its own discipline, and that means it needs and deserves its own particular focus if your interest is to master it. Voiceover is my current top interest as a professional which means that I have to give up my other fields of interests sad face because I can’t get on a professional level for everything at once but only step by step — with each field of interest receiving its season and full attention one by one.

Obviously, I will finish editing the London material in the next days and I will continue doing stolenvoice tv episodes but it’s just important to note that these videos serve a greater purpose. I use them to make myself known as a voice actor, not as a film-maker or a podcaster. These fields (film-making, podcasting, etc.) are all worth aspiring for but they’re not aligned with my current focus. stolenvoice tv is part of my inbound marketing strategy. In contrast to „in your face“ marketing, this is a subtle way of getting my message out there, and I prefer to deliver value and make people trust me through honest and transparent blog and vlog posts rather than something super slimy and salesy.

(Long) conclusion

Accepting that you won’t be able to pursue everything you want at a professional level is important. It’s sad like I find it sad that I’m currently not pursuing my filmmaking passion or that I’m not going all-in on playing footbag and making it a career or other things like becoming a pro photographer, dancer, singer, and the list goes on. I was actually really struggling these last days with these interests.

You can’t do everything professionally but you can give your most important desires a season of focus. It takes courage to choose but making decisions in life is a skill you’ll need in life anyway. That’s why training your decision-making is generally a good thing, I’m personally still bad at it sometimes but I’ve been improving with each micro-decision I made, and that’s what it’s all about: Micro-improvement one step at a time.

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