8: „Show up every day“

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My voiceover journey started 178 days ago

Another week to review by me in my dual role as a worker and CEO. I’m letting both speak on how they see the last week.




My new favorite voiceover show

#stolenvoiceIGTV is taking more time than I would have expected.

Some episodes demanded more time in editing, some more in producing. Especially the last episodes where I’ve been voicing Harvey Specter (Suits).

But I prefer to have published something that is valuable and takes its times over something that was produced just quick and adds no value.

So, I’m still figuring out how to smoothen the production process while running the show.

It’s a great a challenge and it’s helping to make voiceover my daily topic. I’m simply showing up every day - learned through Sean McCabe (seanwes). I don’t always what I’ll talk about but I know I’ll publish something.

Sleeping schedule

My sleeping schedule has been inconsistent. In the last two weeks I went to bed in between 11pm and 4.30am. That’s quite a range.

As you can see, tn the last days it has become 2 to 4.30 am that I went to bed. I didn’t like it. I stayed up so late because was because of uploading the #stolenvoiceIGTV episodes that took ages and I didn’t want to risk that upload would fail because of my laptop falling asleep. So, I stayed up to make sure there would be no error.

Later, I learned that I could leave laptop running while I’m going to bed and no upload error happened in the browser. That’s good!

Working on

One extra thought regarding the demo reel: The commercial demo reel I didn’t want (but need for auditions). Because I didn’t want it, it’s been taking me longer to do it - it was a must-task and I don’t like must-tasks.

Done next time

CEO (Hank Kock, or short Hank)

Going through Alexander’s productivity planner I saw productivity scores from 1 to 9 (out of 10). And I saw one day where he didn’t plan a most important thing (MIT) at all.

I unterstand that #stolenvoiceIGTV takes its time to produce and to get used to doing t daily, but his consistency of doing the most important thing of the day shouldn’t suffer.

Alexander finished script 1/7. That’s good. However, he didn’t finish script 2/7 but at least he started it.

I’m seeing his effort and his joy doing #stolenvoiceIGTV and working on his commercial demo reel. I appreciate that he’s valuing quality over quantity in both production, so I’ll stay altert. Nevertheless, I’m still concerned about the animation course and #stolenvoiceIGTV being a distraction towards the work that’s really important and matters in our voiceover business: Getting the goddammit commercial demo reel done!

That having said, I see the marketing potential of #stolenvoiceIGTV and I understand the necessity of honing his animation skills - especially with regard to making AVVs (animated voiced videos).

I’ll talk to him and tell him that the MIT for the next days will always be to work on script 2 until done. Ideally, I’d like to see him working on script 3 already next week. I’d find that ideal.

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